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Living history at Oxford

SMU-in-Oxford at High Table Oxford is certainly not like any college I've ever been to. On the first day I was dropped off in the middle of a bustling little town composed of boutiques, pubs, coffee shops, and elaborate churches. The buildings quite literally line the street, which are rarely split by alleyways. Double-decker buses and bikes further characterize the disorganized and chaotic sidewalks. Our college, University College, was not indicated by a particular building but rather by a fairly inconspicuous door on a stone wall by the street. It was not until I entered through the passage into a courtyard that I could finally see University College with its green space and winding staircases. Each morning of [...]

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First day of class in Singapore

Dr. Todd Rasberry and Rev. Gary MacDonald, Perkins School of Theology faculty, are in residence at Trinity Theological College in Singapore for the July 22-Aug. 2 Doctor of Ministry session. (Photo by B. Overton) Rev. Gary MacDonald (far right) leads D. Min. students during the first day of classes at Trinity Theological College July 22. Pictured, from left: Michael Moey (Malaysia), Tahir Wjdjaja (Indonesia), Grace Toh (Singapore), Manoj Thomas (Canada), and Paul Bala (Singapore). (Photo by T. Rasberry) Worship was being held at this Hindu temple in Singapore at the same time faculty and students worshiped July 21, just one block away at Kampong Kapor Methodist Church. (Photo by T. Rasberry)

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What I’ve learned in Uganda

An open water source Five weeks in Uganda.  Five weeks is enough to get over jet lag - even for a family of four.  Five weeks is enough to share a proper greeting with several close, longtime friends.  Five weeks is enough to conduct surveys and interviews of 263 community members within eight of the twelve villages where KIBO has completed sanitation campaigns and installed water wells.  Five weeks is even enough to compile the data from each of these villages.  Five weeks is enough to share long meals and even longer conversations about problems regarding clean water, poverty, and development in Uganda.  Five weeks is enough to problematize simple answers.  Five weeks is enough to scratch beyond [...]

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