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Food upon Food upon Food

Turkey & Green Chili Grilled Cheese Sandwich The food at SMU-in-Taos, and in town, is always crazy delicious and wholesome. If you plan on eating in the Plaza before a Taos Plaza Live show or shopping, I’d recommend The Gorge or Graham’s, but honestly who wants to miss Ginny and Lilian’s creations in the campus Dining Hall? Everything they prepare is all natural, organic, perfectly delicious and wonderful every meal. The kitchen staff here is composed of the sweetest people who make it their mission to ensure you’re satisfied and ready to tackle your classes, hikes and other New Mexican excursions. Being a self-proclaimed foodie, I love to capture the beauty of the food on-campus. So many colors, textures, smells, tastes...YUM!  I [...]

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The Perkins Global Theological Education Program prepares Christian leaders for complex cultural experiences through seminars and significant immersion experiences in other cultures. Students learn to build intercultural relationships, resolve cultural conflicts and guide intercultural ventures. The immersion course in Taize, France is led by Dr. C. Michael Hawn, University Distinguished Professor of Church Music and Director of the Perkins Master of Sacred Music Program, and Dr. Heidi A. Miller, Assistant Professor of Christian Worship. Theology students studying in Taize, France, visit sacred sites such as the Taize community, Notre Dame, Cluny and Chartres, and consider the sites’ rich contributions to Christian worship and music. Perkins students also are blogging this summer from South Africa at

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Continuous learning in Bali

Lade in Temple Danur Batur in Ubud, Bali. My first week here on the Indonesian island of Bali has been packed with culture. From informative recounts of my teacher’s personal visits to Shamans during culture class to visits to multiple traditional temples, I have been exposed to much of Bali’s culture, history and language in these past few days. The photography class I am taking has become just as, if even more, informative on Balinese culture, as it takes us on field trips to traditional events like village cock fights and gives us an avenue to boldly explore the traditional monuments and events we visit on our regular excursions. In the same way that one is technically always [...]

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San Jose and Cartago

What a crazy weekend it was here in Heredia! Despite the seemingly constant rain, we managed to pack our weekend full of interesting activities, rain or shine! Our weekend started on Friday, as we traveled to the province of Alajuela to have a day full of team-building activities in the beautiful mountains. Between scavenger hunts and learning the dance of the province of Limón, I came back to Heredia not only soaking wet, but amazed by the beauty of Alajuela. On Saturday, we traveled by public bus to the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose. San Jose was bustling as people flocked to the central market and other historical sights. The central market had everything from fruits and vegetables to [...]

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Eclectic Experiences

Me at Taos Plaza Live Every Thursday evening in the summer there is a musical event in the Plaza called Taos Plaza Live  (TPL). This Thursday night we made the trip an RA program since Max Gomez was singing. He is a very popular hometown boy, so we were excited to go see him along with his adoring fans! The Plaza was an awesome place full of eclectic people and delicious food to keep you satisfied for days.  In fact, I think I’m still full from my Butter Pecan Rocky Mountain Ice Cream.....time to go for that run along the creek on-campus.  TPL was a big party with dancing, friends, and laughter.  I think the entire town was there!  People [...]

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Extreme Regret

As a Resident Advisor in Taos, I often drive one of the vans transporting students to their Wellness activities. Through this experience, I have learned that not taking my Wellness class in Taos was one of the biggest mistakes of my life! Today I drove a van for Anne Weil’s class to a rock climbing adventure. Rock Climbing First, Ms. Weil is one of the most amazingly wonderful, super remarkable people you will ever meet. Second, rock climbing was so much fun!! Not only was the view incredible, but the 100-foot climb was thrilling. The expert climbers who guided us were incredibly helpful, but encouraged you to reach out of your comfort zone – literally!  My sunburn is quite severe and excruciating, but [...]

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SMU Luxury Juxtaposition

Today was our final day of field trips for the course. We visited El Monte Sagrado Resort and the Blackstone Ranch Institute. Because of our recent study of permaculture and biomimicry, we were off to explore the sustainability practices taking place at these two luxurious locations in Taos. First stop, El Monte, we found to be breathtakingly gorgeous both inside and out. If you are ever visiting Taos with your parents for a ski vacation, you have to stay here! Our tour guide explained the challenges the resort has had within the Taos community because of the strong cultural beliefs against such opulence and high standards of living. In order to develop a love/hate relationship with the people of Taos, El Monte established itself as [...]

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This time is different …

Lade is a junior President's Scholar majoring in mechanical engineering in the Lyle School of Engineering and mathematics in Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences, with a minor in art in Meadows School of the Arts. During summer 2013, she is participating in SMU-in-Bali.

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Yo No Speak Americano: The Beginning of Pura Vida

Emily is a junior studying public relations and strategic communication in Meadows School of the Arts, with minors in Spanish and English in Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences. During summer 2013, she is participating in SMU-in-Costa Rica with SMU Abroad, an intensive Spanish program at the National State University.

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