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Our Chief Justice sighting

An update from Julianna, a sophomore majoring in business who is conducting research on the exclusionary rule: It’s been a little over two days since we made our way back to Dallas. I don’t even know where to begin! My initial post-trip reaction was most succinctly conveyed in my conversation with my Mom. “Julie, tell me all about your trip! It must have been so exciting. Did you see the Capitol? How was the Supreme Court?? How was Obama doing?” “It was awesome. Sorry, gotta sleep…..” and then I trailed off in a stream of mumbles as slumber overtook me. I didn’t wake up until 4 pm Sunday. Yes, this trip was absolutely exhausting, but it was in the most [...]

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The end of the beginning

An update from Austin, a sophomore majoring in economics, public policy and political science, with a minor in law and legal reasoning, who is conducting research on the differing “absolutisms” of Justice Black and Justice Douglas’ First Amendment Freedom of Expression jurisprudence: Having been back in Dallas for a couple days, I have had a chance to step back and reflect on the whole experience of studying in the Library of Congress with my classmates for a week. The second half of the week proved as exciting, if not more, than the first. We got to tour the institution that we have been so closely studying, and even caught a glimpse of Chief Justice John Roberts in one of the [...]

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Trip to the Valley of the Giants

This weekend I went on a trip to Albany. My advisor had it all planned out, and we went to many nice tourist spots. My favorite by far was the Tree Top Walk in The Valley of the Giants in Denmark, Australia. The Tree Top Walk lets you get great views of the forest while walking on a boardwalk that is 120 feet in the air. That height is nothing compared to the red tingle tree that can grow up to 230 feet. This boardwalk was made for tourists to walk on to protect the delicate roots of this tree. I was pretty excited to visit this tourist destination after reading about it in Bill Bryson’s book In a Sunburned [...]

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