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Scholarly madness

An update from Jacqueline, a junior majoring in political science and psychology who is conducting research on Justice Black's views on expression and the First Amendment: All good things must come to an end. However, classifying this experience as "good" would be a grave understatement. This past week was phenomenal. As I sit in my room in Dallas, I can’t help but feel nostalgia for Room 359, long days in the Library of Congress, and our ragtag gang. The justices’ papers truly enlightened my research. Unfortunately, Justice Black burned most of his papers. He thought publishing the personal notes would impair candid deliberation among the justices. While I wish his papers were more complete, it made the few treasures I [...]

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Hearing the Justices’ “voices”

An update from Anna, a senior majoring in history and anthropology, who is conducting research on sex discrimination under the 14th Amendment Equal Protection clause: I can hardly believe that a week ago I was packing my bag, ready to head off for a week in D.C. I can still remember waiting at the airport — uncertain of what I could accomplish in such a short time and, too, wondering what I might take away from this experience. Now that I’m back home in Dallas, I can honestly say that my research time at the Library of Congress passed way too quickly, but with more than a hundred pages of typed notes, I feel proud of the work that I accomplished during [...]

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A spring break packed with history

An update from Katherine, a junior majoring in political science and English with a minor in Russian-area studies: Yesterday I got back from the 2013 SMU Civil Rights Pilgrimage, and I cannot express how much more enlightened I feel. Being African-American, I knew the trip would be good for me because it would give me a better sense of what a lot of my older relatives went through. Now that I am back I can say that I did achieve that knowledge and even more. There are a couple of activities that we got to do that I want to describe because they had a significant impact on me. Montgomery, Alabama, was probably the location where I learned the most [...]

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Groundhog Week

An update from Kristine, a sophomore majoring in real estate finance and minoring in law and legal reasoning and Spanish, who is researching Justice Byron White’s position in libel cases over his tenure on the Court and why he ultimately called for the reversal of his opinion in the 1964 case New York Times v. Sullivan: I am finally sitting here at the airport ready and able to decompress everything that I have taken in this week. I have kept myself on a fairly tight schedule in order to make sure I wasn’t too tired for each next day’s work because I was determined to run every morning with my favorite professor.  For those of you who don’t know, he [...]

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