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An update from Erin, a senior majoring in history and human rights: Well, we’ve done it. We’ve said our last goodbyes to Alabama. Part of me is sad to leave because the most incredible memories of the trip, for me, took place in Alabama. Erin at the Civil Rights Memorial Museum in downtown Montgomery, Alabama The other part of me, though, is beginning to get anxious about returning home. I’ve seen so much on this trip, learned so much on this trip, and have been flooded by so many emotions on this trip that I feel I just need some time alone in my apartment with a mug of hot tea, in my favorite old sweater, my personal [...]

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Leaving behind life in Yangshuo

Yangshuo Park It’s Friday morning, and I am beginning this final entry as I sit comfortably in bed. Despite the rooster’s best effort, I slept until just about 5 o’clock this morning. As I suspected, I’ve almost adapted to my new sleep schedule, and to this town as well, but it’s time to leave. In a few hours I’ll head back to the Guilin Airport and then to Hong Kong, San Francisco, and finally Dallas on Saturday morning. I’ll gain back 13 hours with my flight home. The last few days have been packed with more Tai Chi and plenty of cycling again. By Thursday morning, our little group of students (we added one person from Germany) had [...]

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