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Meeting heroes of the Movement

An update from Ana Sophia, a senior human rights major with a minor in French: The Civil Rights pilgrimage has proved to be a beautiful trip that not only tells, but also brings to life American history. It is surprising to discover how many important facts are untold in American history about the Civil Rights Movement that I learned in Dr. Simon's Civil Rights course. Furthermore, it is astonishing to discover how much more there is to these stories and events once you experience visiting certain sites, and especially, meeting various Civil Rights heroes. This trip provides an invaluable opportunity for students to meet the heroes of a Movement that took place not long ago. It is an honor and a [...]

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Day 6: Montgomery/Tuskegee

An update from Hayley, a junior majoring in anthropology, French and human rights: Our first stop this morning was the Rosa Parks museum, and I really enjoyed the experience. I was a bit hesitant at first because I have been to some strange “interactive” museums, but this one truly captured the spirit of the Montgomery bus boycott. Watching the re-enactment of Rosa Parks’ arrest made me picture being surrounded by a mob of jeering and rude faces. Her stoicism and courage in this moment was reflected in the film, and her sense of unwavering calm was inspiring. After the museum, Sorsha, Erin, Yusra, and I visited the Alabama state capitol as well as the Supreme Court building. The capitol was [...]

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