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My home base in Denmark

Hello, friends! I can hardly believe that I have already spent one month here in Copenhagen.  The time has gone by so fast - but you know what they say: time flies when you’re having fun! I finally feel like I am settling into life here in Denmark and my classes at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS).  Soon I will have the opportunity to travel around other parts of Europe as well, but first I must tell you a little bit about my home base in Denmark. Copenhagen is a beautiful old city - there are cobblestones everywhere, and the old, slanted buildings (dating to the 18th century) that line the winding streets make the city feel like [...]

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BRB Madrid, OMW to Lisboa!

Sorry I've been seemingly slacking on the updates, but it's only because the unthinkable happened - I got sick again! This time was less fun than the last because I got sick the week before midterms and continued being sick until the day of my last exam. I couldn't miss any school; otherwise I would be too behind and have to possibly reschedule my exams, which I did not want to do. If you've ever been sick while having to juggle classes and studying, you know what I mean. I basically spent my morning and early afternoon in class, then immediately went home to rest and do what I call "struggle-study," no bueno. A picture from a past trip [...]

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The Danes

I wanted to write a little bit about the Danes themselves, because they have been a large part of what has made my experience on this trip so interesting! It would be an understatement to say they are different from Americans - but that is what makes them so intriguing. To help describe what I have noticed about them, I have compiled a little list of some of their traits: 1. Get to the point, dammit! The Danes are straightforward. They tell you exactly what they want and don’t bother with unnecessary formalities, making it almost jarring if you talk to one of them for the first time. I had to ask my SRA for some extra bedding, and after [...]

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Andalucia Part Two

The next day, Thursday, we loaded up the buses and headed to Granada. When we arrived, we checked in at Hotel Carmen and then had lunch. I don’t know how SMU does it, but they are on point with all the restaurants they take us to. We were so full off a number of some of the best tapas I’ve had in Spain. We had mini hamburgers (their meat and burger in general is different in the States and better than in the States, though “less meaty” and greasy, which I can appreciate), tortilla, multiple orders of calamari, and octopus! Normally not a fan of slimy seafood like squid or octopus if it isn’t fried, it was actually really good. [...]

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Andalucia Part One

¡Hola amigos! After a week of little to no Wi-Fi or school work (but a lot of time sight-seeing and freedom) it’s been difficult getting back to the swing of things, like doing homework, going to class, and finishing this blog post. A lot has happened since my last post, so let’s play catch up! A couple weeks ago I got really sick. Not exactly sure if it was the cold or flu or what, but I had a fever, sore and dry throat, cough, and runny nose… so that was unfortunate. I don’t think I have been that sick since high school. I missed two days of school and the only movement I made was back and forth between [...]

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