Even though the week went by faster than I thought it would, it still took a very long time for Friday to come around. The Parasitology students were finishing up their dissections and identification of parasites, while the other Botany students and myself worked diligently on our projects. Dr. Ubelaker also had us clean out the biology lab. From the way it looked, I assumed it hadn’t been cleaned for almost eight years! There were so many old mounts and plant specimens everywhere, not to mention very dated papers from botany classes in the early years at Taos. It was a lot of work, but the lab looks spotless.

After lunch that day, both the Parasitology and Botany students decided to tag along with the Environmental History class on its tour of the native plants on campus. Dr. Ubelaker was the guest speaker and leader of the tour, and he spent two hours discussing every plant or tree that we came into contact with. He told stories to explain the importance of the plant, how it was capable of growing, and even how they were important for the animals that lived nearby. It was really interesting and made me appreciate the Taos campus in a whole new way.

I had to rest up for the remainder of the day because the weekend was filled with hiking and another trip to Santa Fe.