This morning I arrived in Vegas and waited for more than an hour in the taxicab before I could get a ride to the Gold Coast Casino (where the show is taking place). Passers-by would have seen me struggling with two suitcases and a really big cardboard box containing the necessary props/equipment used in my magic act. Whoever said show business is glamorous … is a liar! (unless, I guess, you are Brad Pitt).

Finally arrived in my hotel room and spent the next couple hours assembling my props/tables that I use in my magic act. I’ve learned to design everything to pack flat for air travel … it’s amazing what can come out of a suitcase if you know how to put it back together!

After settling in to my hotel room, I headed down to the casino floor to check out the venue. I was very impressed! Really nice looking theatre and an awesome sign with MY FACE ON IT!   : )   What a nice ego boost.

I also met the producer of the show. He is one of the world’s leading producers of magic shows both in the U.S. and Europe. This past summer he produced a big magic variety show at the Palladium Theatre in London. Talked with him about my lighting/sound requirements and will be working on getting the act audience-ready at the tech rehearsal tomorrow morning.

Well, I’m off to see some other magic shows in Vegas tonight. The problem is choosing which one to go see. Last time I counted there were about 15 major magic shows running around various casinos.