Today was the first day of classes! I have now experienced 3 out of 4 of my classes here in España. I enjoyed all my professors and believe I will learn a lot (OK, so really no doubt about that!). It was interesting having my whole day in Spanish, in the classroom, outside, todo — all of it. I know it will advance my Spanish rather rapidly, and, for that, estoy emocionada (I am excited).

After my classes I got to help Sofía with her English (and she with my Spanish). She picked a couple of songs in English that we would listen to and then go over the lyrics. It is hard to explain lyrics to someone who speaks another language with all the colloquialisms, but we had a lot of fun and managed to understand each other (haha) and most of the songs. She is very bright and will do so well with English!

Also, today I learned some great new vocabulary that I thought some of you might enjoy! A few of the words got all of us laughing:

  • pantalones apretados– tight pants (what all the Spanish guys wear—we chicas agree that it is not attractive at all!)
  • pantalones piratas– crop pants for men (I call them manpris, like man capris), or literally pirate pants!
  • pijo– preppy
  • pantalones caídos– sagging pants (I promise we were talking about stereotypes, not clothing the whole time!)
  • ir de marcha– to go out on the town
  • ocio– spare time [Mi profesora said to add neg (negar = to deny) to ocio and you get negocio, which means business or work. Business is to deny free time; she was pretty darn funny.]

It was definitely a day full of learning and new experiences, something I am coming to expect on a daily basis.