On Wednesday, Dr. Ubelaker took me and a few other students (Vanessa and Laura) to the New Mexico Native Plant Society Meeting. Initially when we arrived with Dr. Ubelaker at the convention center, we could not find the meeting, but luckily after walking around for a bit we were able to find the right room. Once Vanessa, Laura and I found the room, we decided to walk around the convention center and take photographs. There were various statues around the center, that served as excellent photographic opportunities, such as a flock of birds flying in the air, and sign posts designating which way to go. We all were having so much fun that we were almost late to the start of the meeting!

At the meeting, there was a guest speaker who talked about various plants and grasses in the Taos area. I was amazed with the energy of the society members as they passionately discussed their adventures to collect various plants. Vanessa, Laura and I were pretty much the only individuals that were under 25 years old. I was so happy to see that there were individuals that still were out and about in the country collecting plant specimens. To everyone, Dr. Ubelaker was the expert on the plants and they would ask him various questions which he would gladly answer. After the meeting, I was able to meet a graduate student that was working under Dr. Ubelaker. It was interesting to see the variety in individuals that attended the meeting and how they discussed their chapter’s events, such as a plant sale, a cactus workshop and hiking trips.

When the meeting was over, Laura and I decided that we were going to start our very own New Mexico plant society at SMU!