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Kimberly is a junior double major in biological sciences and chemistry in Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences. As part of SMU Engaged Learning, she is conducting an Unbridled Project in Guatemala during 2012-13. She plans to research health-related traditions, beliefs and practices in the indigenous Mayan community and evaluate how these values and beliefs occasionally clash with Western medicine. Before heading to Guatemala, she is studying at SMU-in-Taos.

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On the Road Again

I look back and there fading in the distance is the SMU-In-Taos campus. I look at the rearview mirror and the campus becomes smaller and smaller until it finally fades in the distance. While I made unforgettable moments in Taos and feel a twinge of sadness that I am leaving, I am reminded that in just a few days I will be flying out to Guatemala to complete my Engaged Learning Research! I have completed all my preliminary research, including my interview questions and have all my recording equipment ready.

I cannot believe that every time I speak to an individual about my research, it seems that they have some connection to Guatemala as well. For example, at the Engaged Learning presentation Professor Graybill, came up to me afterwards and commented how his parents live in Guatemala! I am hoping that when I arrive in Guatemala, I will have an opportunity to meet with his parents! I cannot help but be happy for all the good little things that have come my way and have encouraged me to continue to pursue my research with such energy and excitement.

So back to on the road again. We have passed the forests, valleys and hills landscape and have moved onto flatland. Instead of trees I now see cows, and flatlands that extend for miles, oh and the occasional windmill. I must admit that the music playing in the car is pretty entertaining, since my driving buddy is currently singing…and kind of dancing to it. Now the Naked Eyes’ is playing, I must sing along!

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