By: Stephanie Montgomery

DFW->ORD->PVG… The adventure begins. Before the sun rose this morning 35 of us, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in our bright blue SMU Cox AA GLP polos, made our way to DFW Airport to begin our 10-day adventure in China.  As we walked through the airport and boarded the plane I realized the polos served a purpose other than making us resemble TSA agents – We were marketing the SMU brand.  A multitude of people commented on our group and asked our purpose.  “We are going to China as part of our MBA program at SMU,” we answered. The excitement they had for us brought home the immense opportunity that we all have right now.  An AA flight attendant even stopped me at the back of the plane to talk about this great opportunity and asked me if I had read The Power of One.  No, I tell her.  She tells me that it’s about the impact that one person can make in the world and suggests that I read it.  Our discussion reminds me once again about the purpose of my getting an MBA: I want to increase value in people’s lives.  The MBA is a step in that pursuit, and I wonder how this trip will further that goal.  What will I learn that will make a difference in my career?  What will I learn that will impact how I live my life?