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The urgency of sustainability

An update from Zachary, a junior environmental studies major: We arrived in Los Angeles on Saturday to attend the AASHE (Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education) Conference. After spending time on Hollywood Boulevard, we got straight to work on Sunday. All the workshops were extremely inspiring and motivating. It's awesome to engage with thousands of other students and faculty who are as passionate about sustainability as I am. One of the biggest lessons that I am taking away from this conference is how urgent it is to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. Even if you don't believe that global warming is happening, sustainability is necessary for thriving life on a planet with finite resources. Sustainability is an attractive [...]

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From LA: A different beauty

An update from Jewel, a sophomore environmental science major: It's not a secret that SMU prides itself on its beautiful campus. Our grass is always green and our petals are always perky. I love that about SMU, but at the AASHE conference in LA I've found feasible ways to do something at SMU that I love even more: sustainability. We could walk past a tree on campus and pick a peach to eat. The rain that periodically floods the Boulevard could flow down garden beds into a rainwater harvest system. That water could be treated by flowering plants in a greenhouse. The food waste from Umph could be composted in our community garden, and the herbs, vegetables, and fruit grown there could go back to Umph. [...]

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In awe of northern Spain’s beauty

Speechless. That’s how I felt over the last couple days, during our group trip to San Sebastián and Bilbao, in el País Vasco in the north of Spain. I had heard how the north was supposed to be so green and rainy and more like Scotland than the mesa where Madrid is located, but I guess I wasn’t really prepared for the beauty I would behold. Now, I’m a sucker for green, trees and mountains (LOVE it! I needed a breather from the city!), then add the ocean, a beautiful beach, with Carlsbad-like weather and I was as good as gone (that would refer to San Sebastián, but I’ll get to that later). The group in Burgos, outside the [...]

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Outdoors in Australia

The past few weeks have been particularly busy.  The semester is coming to a close, so I have been working on my final rounds of tests and papers before final exams. However, amidst all the studying, I have had the opportunity to get out a few times.  Recently, some friends and I went to Royal Randwick to see the Sunday horse races.  The facilities looked exactly like something out of a movie;  there were even people wearing huge decorative hats!  I did not know anything about horse racing, but it was definitely fun to watch those who did. I am taking a class on Aboriginal Sydney.  Last week, I had to write a report on Aboriginal engraving in the Sydney [...]

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