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Fall Caving Day Trip

An update from Jeremy, Outdoor Adventures Trip Leader:  For the past couple years, SMU Outdoor Adventures and Inner Space Caverns have worked together to produce an experience that few have the ability to partake in. Called the Wild Cave Tour, Inner Space leads groups off the beaten path in order to explore some of the harder to reach areas of the cave. Inner Space is the largest cavern system in the state, meaning there are many different areas to explore and discover. This is truly one trip that produces different sights and memories with each trip, as I was lucky to see along with my assistant leader, Manuel, and six amazing participants. Our trip began at 5:30 in the morning on [...]

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Connecting to the Danish culture

My housemate and I in the city It has been quite a while since my last blog, so I thought I should give a brief update. As the days go by, my time in Copenhagen only continues to get better. I got involved in a few activities that I have come to really enjoy. DIS encourages students to join immersion activities to become more connected to the Danish culture. I am part of the visiting family program and buddy network. The visiting family program connects interested DIS students who are not living with a host family to a Danish family they can regularly visit. Last week I went to visit my family with another DIS student, since two [...]

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Collecting songs and preserving culture

An update from first-year student Chasitie: Dr. Katherine Schofield, King's College, London This weekend I was able to find time to squeeze in attending a South Asian Conference at SMU. With my knowledge of the Indian subcontinent limited to what I have learned so far in my Introduction to Asian Religions course with Dr. Lindquist, what better way to expand upon my knowledge than attend a South Asian Conference? The particular talk that I attended was "The Social History of Song Collections: Awadh, Delhi, and Hyderabad," presented by Dr. Katherine Schofield of King’s College, London. The lecture discussed the practice of song collection during the 18th century under the British. I was eager to hear a lecture on music [...]

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Revisiting the 14th to 20th centuries in South Asia

An update from Carl, graduate student in religious studies: Audience during conference presentation This Saturday marked the seventh time that SMU's Asian Studies Program has partnered with the South Asia Research and Information Institute (SARII) to bring world-renowned scholars to our campus. From Drs. Barbara and Thomas Metcalf (Universities of Michigan and California, Berkeley) to Dr. Richard Eaton (University of Arizona) to SMU's own Dr. Azfar Moin, the presenters were all top-notch experts in their field — something made abundantly clear by their choice of presentations. With topics as diverse as studies of advances in cannon technology in the 14th-15th centuries, Brahmans serving in Mughal courts in the 17th, and Muslim queens ruling in defiance of both local tradition [...]

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Inspiring research from around the globe

On September 22, 2012, Asian Studies in SMU's Dedman College of Humanities & Sciences ( and the North Texas nonprofit SARII ( presented the 7th Annual South Asia Conference at SMU. The conference – Cities, Courts and Saints: Muslim Cultures of South Asia – brought together six leading specialists of Indo-Muslim history and culture. Since the arrival of Islam in South Asia, Muslim communities thrived in cities, giving them a unique shape with new forms of courtly and spiritual life. The scholars presented new perspectives on the way Muslim traditions contributed to forms of religious life, social etiquette, music and art of the Indian subcontinent. The conference, which is free and open to the community, was co-sponsored this year by the Clements Department of History and the Department of Religious Studies.

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A successful day of zip-lining

An update from Jordan, Outdoor Adventures Trip Leader: Each semester, SMU Outdoor Adventures (OA) plans and runs fun and exciting trips away from campus. This fall, we are offering seven trips, the first one, on Sept. 15, was our Ziplining Day Trip. I was lucky enough to lead this particular trip and two other OA leaders, Amanda and Joshua, assisted me in making this a successful trip… On Saturday morning, I waited with Mandy and Josh by the Doak Walker statue for our four participants to arrive. One by one, they all showed up, somewhat nervous, but excited for the day ahead. Once our last participant arrived, we began the two-hour drive out to LaRue, Texas. Our destination New York, Texas Zipline Adventure [...]

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!Barcelona! A taste of Catalunya …

At La Sagrada Familia This weekend I was blessed to have the chance with three other members of our group to visit Barcelona, a major Spanish port city and the capital of Catalunya – which, I have learned, desires to be the next independent state of Europe. It’s safe to say that the Catalonians are very proud of their culture and language, Catalán (it sounds different than Español, or Castellano, as they call it in Spain; the French influence on Catalán is very evident). One of my profesoras even went so far as to say it may be better to speak in English, not Castellano, since Madrid and Barcelona have quite a bit of animosity toward each other. [...]

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Leadership training in New Mexico

In August 2012, five students traveled to the Latir Wilderness area of Red River, New Mexico, with two trainers to learn to become Outdoor Adventures trip leaders.  As part of the trip, they learned about backpacking, group dynamics, risk management, self-awareness and discovery, team work and outdoor skills.  Here is an update from Manuel about the trip. Read about other trips on the Outdoor Adventures blog. At first, I didn’t know what to expect. I had a vague idea of what it would be like to be out in the wilderness for an extended period of time, but nothing prepared me for what was to come in the leadership training trip. Right from the start, I knew that it was going [...]

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¡El Primer Día de Clases!

Today was the first day of classes! I have now experienced 3 out of 4 of my classes here in España. I enjoyed all my professors and believe I will learn a lot (OK, so really no doubt about that!). It was interesting having my whole day in Spanish, in the classroom, outside, todo — all of it. I know it will advance my Spanish rather rapidly, and, for that, estoy emocionada (I am excited). After my classes I got to help Sofía with her English (and she with my Spanish). She picked a couple of songs in English that we would listen to and then go over the lyrics. It is hard to explain lyrics to someone who speaks [...]

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Un Día Bonita en Segovia

Once again the twelve amigos embarked on a new adventure! An early morning bus ride found us in the beautiful town of Segovia (about an hour and a half outside Madrid) with the full day ahead of us to discover its treasures. Our profesora, and guide for the day, took us to the Alcazar first. Made my day, since alcazar is the Arabic word for castle/fortress! It was beautiful. It has a torre, tower, and real turrets, too. We toured the inside of the palace, enjoying the extravagant ceilings and hearing the history of Isabel and Ferdinand of Castille y Aragon, and saw some gorgeous views before taking the experience to the next level. Adrenaline rushing, we took the challenge [...]

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