I can officially say I have been to a concert in another country!

Rachael and I at the Hard Rock Calling concert.

After a fun-filled weekend full of consuming potatoes and hiking the Irish countryside, Rachael and I decided we weren’t ready to dive back in to school work.

Thus, we enjoyed our beautiful Sunday afternoon in Hyde Park. We danced and sung along to Rod Stewart’s greatest hits. It reminded me a lot of Austin City Limits (ACL) but was a tiny bit cooler because it was in London (maybe…I do look forward to ACL every year…).

Rod Stewart singing at the Hard Rock Calling concert in Hyde Park in London on June 26.

There were grannies to my left and grannies to my right. Rach and I stood out like sore thumbs. Occasionally some people in their mid-twenties would walk by. Occasionally. However, we must credit our mothers for introducing us to one of the greatest rock stars. Man can he still swing those hips!

Although he isn’t one of the singers who floods pop radio stations like Lady Gaga, Beyonce or Lil Wayne, Rod Stewart still has it in him.

He was dancing all over the stage, shaking it left and right and making jokes with the crowd. Honestly, it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. I think all of the older people were surprised Rachael and I were enjoying ourselves so much!

Highlight of the concert: When he played “Maggie May.” It will always be one of my favorite songs! (I’ll try and upload a video later).

While I wasn’t jumping up and down and hootin’ and a-hollering, the crowd went wild when Stevie Nicks made her grand appearance. There were also two other special appearances, although Rachael and I couldn’t understand who they were… Our bad. I do know one of their names was Bruce…not Springsteen, and the other one came out to sing “Maggie May.”

Although I was hesitant to go to the concert because I had a lot of school work to do, I am glad I went. I mean how often will I have the opportunity to hear Rod Stewart live, in London nonetheless, for one pound and 50 pence?

As you all are aware, I have only four more days in London. However, my journey does not end! After this, Rach and I are headed to Barcelona, Italy, Switzerland and France. Hope you guys are ready for more lots of blog posts because I will no longer have to concentrate on school. Yippee!