If you have never smelled the rich, luscious scent of a gardenia you must find a way! A gardenia is a beautiful white flower that grows on a decently hardy bush. It is nice to look at, but smell is what makes this flower incredible.

I grew up thinking it only grew in tropical islands. My mother’s love of Hawaii is why I discovered them. She stops dead in her tracks every time she comes across one. To my surprise, gardenias grow right in my back yard… literally (well, as literally as you could consider the grounds of my flat’s village a yard).

After a long rainy, cold winter (one of the worst in a long time according to the local news) spring is welcomed with open arms. The sun and warmth is beginning to come out every few days between the storms, and along with it are the flowers and blossoming trees. These are the things that somehow always make me seem to forget the hard winters and enjoy the beauty that is ahead.

In light of the springtime (and of course my birthday week) I decided to buy myself a bouquet of flowers at the market. Coming up with something to put them in was a bit of a challenge, but I got creative and managed. And of course I had to pick one of the gardenias to put in a glass of water in my room. It is the most beautiful smell I just couldn’t help but surround myself with it.