Taylor.jpg An update from Taylor, a sophomore communication studies major:

Well, we had a little change in plans due to whether conditions. We just got back to New Orleans from our side trip to Grand Isle, and it is raining cats and dogs outside.

NO3.jpg Despite the rain, we piled into the van and went to a quick lunch meeting with Kurt Fromherz. He provided great information about what really went on during the spill, and what it was like to be a media adviser to a somewhat controversial parish president.

What I found most interesting is how almost all the information in his presentation was completely different from our first meeting with the Coast Guard. With every issue, he had one perspective, and the Coast Guard presented another. This situation shows exactly what the issue is. There is no open communication between all groups involved.

It’s no one party’s fault, but the lack of clear and transparent communication among all parties will result in arguments about the small things and not the larger issue. In the end, isn’t that what the end goal is?