An update from Dr. Quicksall:

We always draw a crowd.

We are now in Hoima and will visit and sample three settlements in the next three days. We have already done the two large ones south of here. Our reception has been great. There has been a good bit of meetings and contact building.

I have met with staffs from the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the implementing partners, and the Office of the Prime Minister at each location.  By the end of each stop, everyone has been completely positive and is eager to have us back.

Our team at work.

Three days ago we visited the largest camp in Uganda and one of the oldest in the world that houses mainly Congolese and Somalis. It is located near the Tanzania-Rwanda-Uganda borders. Yesterday we visited a camp in central Uganda that houses mostly Congolese. Tomorrow and Thursday are two camps of mostly Congolese closer to Lake Albert in the west. Friday we go north across two segments of the Nile to two camps with many Sudanese.

A water sample, straight from the tap.

Saturday we will be back to Kampala after a seven-hour trek.  Sunday evening we will be back to Nairobi.