An update from Muzamil, MBA ’12 in Entrepreneurship, who traveled to Latin America with the Cox Global Leadership Program:

It’s amazing how diverse the group is here. A half Indian/Pakistani, Chinese-American, and Korean set of friends ventured out to find a Korean barbecue place. Turns out, it was out of business! Francis went into a Chinese place to ask for some help, and after discovering it wasn’t around, we decided to eat there.

I was quite impressed with what came next – Francis spoke in perfect Chinese to the waitress, while speaking Spanish to the other waitress, and English to us! Being a Chinese native, Francis ordered his own dishes for us and didn’t even consult the menu.

I can say for sure that this was not by any means the normal Chinese food I am used to seeing in the States! Seafood soup, 1,000-year-old egg and tofu, cucumber salad, shrimp, and water-cooked beef … one of the spiciest dishes I ate in the entire trip! The peppercorns are actually made to make you lose sensation in your mouth … after a few minutes, I could barely feel my tongue, to which Francis said, “Yeah! That’s my favorite part!”