Cox Leadership May2011

In May 2011 five groups of students traveled to Europe (Frankfurt, Bratislava and London), Asia (Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai), Southeast Asia (Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai), India (Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai) and Latin America (Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo) with the Global Leadership Program at the Cox School of Business.

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Day one in Argentina

An update from Muzamil, MBA ’12 in Entrepreneurship, who traveled to Latin America with the Cox Global Leadership Program:

It’s amazing how diverse the group is here. A half Indian/Pakistani, Chinese-American, and Korean set of friends ventured out to find a Korean barbecue place. Turns out, it was out of business! Francis went into a Chinese place to ask for some help, and after discovering it wasn’t around, we decided to eat there.

I was quite impressed with what came next – Francis spoke in perfect Chinese to the waitress, while speaking Spanish to the other waitress, and English to us! Being a Chinese native, Francis ordered his own dishes for us and didn’t even consult the menu.

I can say for sure that this was not by any means the normal Chinese food I am used to seeing in the States! Seafood soup, 1,000-year-old egg and tofu, cucumber salad, shrimp, and water-cooked beef … one of the spiciest dishes I ate in the entire trip! The peppercorns are actually made to make you lose sensation in your mouth … after a few minutes, I could barely feel my tongue, to which Francis said, “Yeah! That’s my favorite part!”

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