An update from Jessie, a sophomore environmental studies major:

Jessie1.jpg Escaping the Texas heat and humidity isn’t the only great thing about coming to Denver … It’s a fun city with a spectacular view of the mountains!

I also really like the convention – especially the convention center and its sculpture of the “big blue bear” that looks like it’s peeking in the windows (photo left).

Jessie2.jpg This morning, we spent some time at the Expo talking to representatives from green companies. A lot of them had interesting products and demonstrations. There was a strange-looking picnic table with solar panels, a barrel that could recycle aerosol cans – and Olivia even generated enough energy walking on a treadmill to light up a light bulb!

Later, everyone from SMU crowded into one of the smaller conference rooms to hear my speech. I think it went pretty well, but I’ve got another one tomorrow!

In the afternoon, we checked out some of the local shops – including some pretty tacky souvenir stores! (photo right)