An update from Anne, a graduate student in history with a focus on the U.S. Southwest and Mexico who is doing research on Indian history:

Jan11-1.jpg After a night of gusty winds and cold weather, we woke up to the warm sun of the Sierra Norte. Refreshed after a generous helping of breakfast, we drove to Puerto Escondido.

The day’s journey took us down long and winding roads at very high altitudes. Because of a teachers’ strike, we were at a standstill for a couple of hours.

After some negotiating, we managed to hop into the back of a pickup truck and were transported to the other side of the strike, where our bus drivers met up with us as soon as they could. After this minor delay, we arrived at our hotel in Puerto Escondido.

Only moments passed before one of the students made his way to the ocean and went for a swim. Others spent some time at the pool. Like so many nights before, we all joined for dinner and made plans for tomorrow’s ecological tour of a lagoon.

Although our journey had been long, we were happy and grateful to be basking in the sun at last.