It’s just around the corner. We’re leaving for India in less than four days. This time on Tuesday I’ll be arriving to the airport to go through security and get settled with the rest of the gang of eager India travelers.

I’ve had several conversations with people asking me about my travels to India, and they are completely shocked that of all the places I decided to go that India was my first out-of-the-USA travel excursion. I cannot believe it myself, but I know that it’s a journey that will be hard to beat in the future!

I’m going to pack all of my things this morning. I have everything set out that needs to go in my luggage. This is going to be quite the feat – a carry-on suitcase never looked so small until I started planning to fit 5 weeks of necessary items in it!

The past month I’ve spent more time looking for clothes to bring to India than I’ve gone shopping in probably the past year or two.

What do I have left to do before our departure?

• Finally fit everything I need in my suitcase. This is going to be quite the task.

• Make sure I bring any additional medicine that I’m going to need. And I cannot forget my malaria medicine. A friend of mine forgot hers on a trip to Brazil and thought she contracted malaria – I need to avoid that.

• Pick up DEET bug spray (where?), B-6 (apparently it keeps bugs away from you??), and pick up a rain poncho.

So, this is finally it. The adventure begins just around the corner and I’m so excited to be sharing it with whoever reads this. I’ll do my very best to post every few days even if it’s just a couple of pictures. I want to be able to share my experience across the globe with you all.

Thanks for following me on my journey!