Mail%20Attachment-1.jpeg I understand the semester has been in session for about a month, but I would like to introduce my blog and myself. I am a sophomore at SMU studying International Law and Organizations at American University. This program is a unique learning experience where most of the learning happens outside of the classroom.

On Mondays and Tuesdays I will be interning at a law firm in D.C. that deals with government contracts. For the other three days of the week I will be attending seminars and other engagements that focus on international law.

I already love my class, as we have gotten to do some extremely exciting things in D.C. Over the past few weeks we have visited the U.S. Supreme Court, the Newseum, the Holocaust Museum, the Organization of American States and the World Bank.

The pictures are from my visit to the Newseum, which was a memorable experience. The first photo is a piece of the radio tower from one of the World Trade Towers. This exhibit was designed to honor the journalists who shared the story of September 11 with the world.

Mail%20Attachment.jpegPictured to the left is a section of the Berlin Wall after its fall in the 1980s. The Berlin Wall was a symbol of communism and a lack of freedom of speech, a freedom most Americans take for granted each day.

Oh… I almost forgot, later this semester we get to travel to New York and Europe to visit the United Nations and the U.N. Courts.

I invite you to embark with me on this exciting journey. This semester will be an experience I will never forget and an experience I hope all SMU students will consider.