An update from Lindsey on their site Romania Revisited:


This is probably my favorite story from the trip. Sommer and I spent one morning at a baby hospital. While we were there, Sommer put down her pen and paper for a little bit (slacker!) to interact with the toddlers. (I guess they are kind of difficult to interview. I was still working, though.)

Here’s how the attack went down. I’m taking pics of other toddlers in the room when all of a sudden I hear Sommer yell out the name of the Romanian caregiver that visits the hospital every morning to help the nurses take care of the children.

“Rodica! Rodica!”

I look across the room and see Sommer pointing with one hand to a child that is biting her shoulder while her other hand is holding the toddler. Being the good friend I am, I burst out laughing. Sommer, why didn’t you pull the child away from you? I know, I know, you thought a chunk of your shoulder would’ve gone with the toddler if you pulled her off of you.

Too bad I had the 10-22mm lens on my camera. Would’ve made a great photo. But I did get the some shots of the damage.