An update from Sommer on their site Romania Revisited:

You know what is fun to do after spending nearly 20 hours crossing the Atlantic? Ride a bus for another six!

No, seriously, our six-hour bus ride from Bucharest to Targu Mures was a lot of fun. That is because the 12-member Livada Orphan Care service team (members were mostly from Allen, Texas, but also from San Antonio and a small town in Illinois) made for really great company. We all spent a good time telling embarrassing stories, sharing random facts and introducing ourselves at the front of the bus (I found out that Lindsey might be wanted in Copenhagen) and then we all dozed off.

But before Lindsey and I both fell asleep in the poorly ventilated but very large bus, we soaked in enough of the Romanian countryside to make some late night observations.

Watch our “First Impressions of Romania”