Hund’s rule should be renamed as the Danish Bus rule. Yes, the rule about putting up the neat arrows in each box before putting them down for electron orbitals should accurately reflect Danish bus etiquette.

Danish people will NOT sit next to each other. They will walk to the back of the bus before sitting down next to someone in the front of the bus. They will stand up before they sit down next to someone else. And they will rearrange themselves if there’s suddenly an open row for them. It’s true.

And they LOVE their baby carriages. They are tricked out. Fancy shock absorbers, netting, zip-up covers … if I had a carriage like that as a baby, I would have never wanted to walk. And I have yet to see a child riding a bike on training wheels. It’s like they magically go from the baby carriage to the two-wheel bikes. It makes me a little nostalgic for when I was little and rode my bike with my dad’s help.

And Danish food … even though I’ve been cooking for myself, I know the Danish love their potatoes. And the potatoes are ADORABLE. We have big Russet potatoes at home, but here, they’re little, the biggest ones smaller than my palm (and I have a small hand!). And these potatoes are baked, boiled, fried, everything, usually with frikadeler (meatballs). And because of the sizable Middle Eastern population, there are shawarma and falafel shops all over the place. And they are quite delicious.

But to keep costs down I’ve been shopping at Netto, not Magasin (imagine buying your groceries at Nordstrom … feel your money slipping away yet?) and I’ve had some delicious results so far!

CIMG0243.jpg But I know you all want to know about Obama and Oprah in Copenhagen! No I didn’t see them (come on US Embassy, pull some strings for us!) but I was at the announcement concert at Radhuspladsen (city square) where we listened to Aqua (yes! Barbie Girl!!) and DAD (a Danish band). (In photo: Aqua’s lead female singer Lene Nystrom)

K%C3%83%C2%B8benhavn%20027-1.jpg It was fun cheering Chicago on (until we lost! How sad!) and then cheering for Rio because we were standing next to a large group of very vocal Brazilians. And I got pictures with the pikachus from Japan representing Tokyo. (In photo: That’s me with the Japanese in Pikachu costumes)

And I went to the studenthaus, which is a club for Danish students. My network buddy, Linnea, invited me to go with her and her friends, and it was fun watching Danish students dance to music and socialize.

And before I forget: a HUGE thank-you to all my SMU friends who sent me the care package! The emergency queso and tostitos, candy, teddy bear and, most importantly, the letters warmed my cardiac muscles. I was thrilled and didn’t stop bragging about my awesome friends to my housemates (I’m sure they’re fed up with me now!) so again, thanks for making me awesome people!! I miss you all!

Other than that I’m going to Germany and Poland this week for our long study tour! So get ready for a looooong recap with lots of fun pictures, hopefully!