R-sky.JPG Being in the midst of such spectacular beauty of New Mexico, makes me want to say along with the author, Jane Austen, “Oh, the glories of nature! What are men compared to rocks and mountains?”

R-Photog.JPG Saturday, June 6

My whole photography class takes an all-day field trip to Santa Fe, N.M. Before we head to the cars from the dining hall, Professor Hunter asks, while chuckling, “Who wants to ride in the ‘cootie’ car with me?”

All of us pause in our conversations and look at her with puzzled expressions on our faces. She explains that students usually avoid riding in her car, just as people avoid the “cooties,” because of the lectures she gives on the way.

We all proceed to load up, equipment in hand, into three separate cars. It is a beautiful, clear day for photography. Upon arriving in Santa Fe, we all stop at a camera shop to buy special paper for printing out our photographs. I am cringing inwardly at the price of $40 for 25 pieces of paper. Ai-yi-yi!

Jump.jpgThe College of Santa Fe is next on our itinerary. CSF is a private college founded in 1859 by the Lasallian Brothers. Professor Hunter points out the importance of colors and the way they bounce and reflect off the surfaces of the different structures and buildings on campus.

Before we leave the campus, my friend Genia and I decide to stand on some random, long line of separate concrete blocks. We encourage the others to each get on one and strike a pose for a picture. Then Genia has the brilliant idea of jumping off them at the same time to get an action shot! (Photo above by Solomon O.)

R-church.JPGI am so eager to get to the colorful, lively plaza in Santa Fe! I never tire of going there. We all stop at a few photo galleries, and I am pleased to recognize some photographers’ work before looking at their names.

On our way toward one of the photo galleries, my friend Dan and I lag behind, eagerly capturing photos. We got some pretty sweet shots! It is fun not to be in a hurry; although we really feel like tourists.

R-SFe.JPGYay! The plaza is in sight! At the middle of the plaza, we pause to listen to a man playing a banjo and singing. Jordan bends down to capture a photograph and the man loudly says, “No picture unless you pay first!” I am a bit disgruntled about the man’s attitude and quickly lose interest in listening to him. I laugh silently and pity a Boston Terrier I spot dressed in a lacy, white dress.

R-stairs.JPGNow to find a comfortable resting spot to hang out until we meet up with our professor at the Blue Corn Cafe. All of us congregate at a cute little coffee shop on the second floor, which overlooks the plaza. On the way out, I have everyone stop for a quick group picture on this cool-looking stairway.

R-photog2.JPGIt was a great day in Santa Fe! We are now headed to Sanctuario de Chimayo, but I shall have to save that for another blog.

Peace out, my friends!