IMG_4210.JPG Prior to this past Wednesday, I had never driven more than two hours by myself. Now, however, I can proudly boast having road-tripped from Denver, CO to Taos, NM! – about a five-and-a-half-hour drive through some of the most beautiful country I have ever seen.

IMG_4244.JPGAccompanied by six specially-made-for-me CDs, courtesy of a best friend, I set out. Good music, windows down … life is great. There is something marvelous about being allowed to drive 75 miles an hour – agreed?

My mother seems to look down upon my having taken pictures while driving at such a speed, but how could I not? Still, no picture will ever capture the scope of the enormous and majestic Western sky. I even prayed, asking if God would perhaps allow me to capture an image of His magnificent lightning inside my little picture box … but either He declined, or my timing was off.

IMG_4274.JPGAlas, no pictures of lighting but far too many of the BEAUTIFUL landscape. Those five and a half hours flew by.

Now as I sit in my “Casita,” one of the adobe cabin-like buildings that serve as the dorms on the SMU Fort Burgwin campus, I am amazed at how easily I made it here. Really, I could traipse across the country via my car and make it to practically anywhere on the continent … Next summer! Of course, then I would need more CDs … but I’m sure that could be arranged.