Sept%203.jpg Today is our last full day in the Gobi. Tomorrow we leave for Ulaan Bataar. The day is spent cataloging fossils and plaster jacketing the last few specimens. Later we will start the breakdown of camp and loading the big trucks.

The wind was strong enough to snap 3 of my guidelines and break a pole on my tent. This was unfortunate, since I would be taking the tent down in just 12 hours. Several others are having problems with sand in the zippers of their tents.

Dave Eberth made the comment: “Between gear failure and running out of toilet paper, burlap and coffee, the Gobi is telling us it’s time to leave.”

(In photo, from left: Ganzorig, Darjaa, Turuu (in the truck) and Monkbold loading plaster jackets into one of the big trucks.)