tara-drpepper.jpgGreg’s family found a few cans at the grocery store and brought some back to the apartment for us. It must have just come out because I shop there frequently and would have definitely noticed Dr. Pepper on the shelves. I went to the store the next day to get some, and there was only one beat-up can left! I snatched it up, and Dr. Pepper officially sold out in one day. Of course it would come to Krakow toward the end of our trip. I hope they restock some soon.

Last weekend we all went to Galeria Kazmierez to try to catch The Dark Knight. However, we found out when we arrived that it won’t be coming to Krakow until September 8. We decided to see Wall-E instead. We went into the theater, taking up a whole row with me, Austin, Greg and Greg’s 6 family members, and settled in for a cute movie.

However, we noticed in the first 10 minutes that the signs and labels in the movie were in Polish … so we ended up watching Wall-E in Polish. It was still very enjoyable, though. If there was a movie to see in Polish, that would be it since it’s mostly just robot communication.

Work is going well, though there are 5 people out of 9 from my team on vacation. I actually did something useful for the project I’m working on. I helped change the way some databases were set up and reduced the total running time of the program by 30 percent (it took about 30 minutes for this program to run, and they have to reduce it to less than 1 minute before it can be released).

I figured we interns would be working on parts that wouldn’t really affect the actual product. However, Sabre has let us dig right into its work. Hopefully I can accomplish something else useful before I leave.