Michael in India

Michael, a junior from Memphis majoring in business, with minors in Advertising and Spanish, is participating in SMU-in-India this summer. He will take courses at the Mudra Institute of Communications in Ahmedabad, in partnership with SMU’s Temerlin Advertising Institute, and tour the country, visiting various monuments and industries.

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On my way to India

The day is finally here – I’m on my way to India. Even though it’s been planned for quite sometime, I’m only now realizing that I will soon be in a place completely different from anywhere I have ever been.

For months family and friends have been asking me, “Why India?” As I sit in the Chicago airport preparing to depart for London, I still lack a definitive answer. I guess I am going to India for an experience. I’m not looking for just any experience, but one that will open my eyes to a part and culture of the world that is completely foreign to me.

As I await departure, I am filled with mixed emotions – I’m excited, yet scared; anxious, yet reserved. Who knows what’s in store for me during the next 5 weeks?

My goal for this trip is to be as open-minded as possible and to try tons of new things. I have been making lists for weeks and have been packing for days, and departure day is finally here. I am more prepared for this trip (in terms of packing) than any trip I have ever taken; yet, having no idea what to expect, I must admit I’m a bit intimidated.

I am prepared to be overwhelmed – or at least I can only hope that I am. Whether I am ready for it or not, I hope this trip will prove to be one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life in all possible ways.

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