Weimar.jpgBusy, busy, busy!

This has been a packed week here! We have our first paper due for our Cultural Formations class and an upcoming midterm, as well as many other things going on.

Yesterday was our tour of the Goethehaus. He had many different residences here, but this house was his main one. It was unbelievable how little they changed in his house. A few of the paintings are reproductions, but the house is almost exactly how he left it. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take pictures within the house, but believe me, it was amazing!

We were able to see the chair where he died, the desk where he wrote Faust, and many other places in the house that are still furnished with his items. My favorite part of the house was the piano that was sitting in the salon. Clara Schumann played on that same piano! Paganini had also played violin in that room. I still can’t believe that I stood in the same room with the same instrument as these incredible musicians! It still gives me chills.

Our tutors took us out bowling that night, which was really fun. Oli and Linda are both really nice and I’ve definitely enjoyed all of the activities that they have planned for us. I believe we are going to find a karaoke place soon!

Today we are going to a rehearsal of the college orchestra here, and they are going to be sight-reading Scheherazade. That piece is one of my favorites, so I can’t wait to hear how well they play it.

This weekend is our trip to Bonn to see the Beethovenhaus! Hopefully I will have lots of pictures and fun stories to tell you!

Until next time…

(Photo of Weimar street)