It’s two weeks until Mane Event, and I have reached the point that there are few things I can do to prepare anymore. All I can do is wait until the week of Mane Event and let things fall into place.

Free food and fun
On the morning of April 25 delivery trucks will overtake the main quad as giant inflatable activities, tents, classic cars, volleyball nets and much more start going up to prepare for the big day.

Now, with the SF marketing chair, we are trying to think of ways to get the word out around campus that an amazing carnival is going to take place right smack in the middle of campus. Only a small percentage of the campus is aware that we are giving a free carnival where they can get free food and play free games for an entire afternoon. What a great way to blow off that end-of-semester steam.

Go “Grease”
We finally got our posters in, now we just have to hang them. We will distribute them to the Resident Hall association to hang in the dorms, and then we hang the rest throughout campus buildings and the student center. I am hoping that if students see the posters, and hear about Mane Event through the campus-wide email listserv, and then they see the Mane Event “Grease” sunglasses, they will want to take part in the end-of-year celebration. As soon as the T-shirt artwork comes in, we can order those also, to generate more publicity and bring in higher student attendance.

Our theme this year is the “Grease” carnival from the movie. We are going to decorate the Hughes-Trigg Student Center with old records, ’50s silhouettes and lyrics from the movie’s famous songs. We are also going to play “Grease” music throughout the week before Mane Event.

On Monday April 21, we are hosting a “Grease” event in the Hughes-Trigg commons, where students can come by, catch a few minutes of the movie, grab some super-retro souvenir Mane Event 08 sunglasses and see their favorite SFers dressed in their best ’50s garb.