paris.jpgThis whole weekend has been fabulous! Friday night everyone went to the Eiffel Tower to see the lights flash. They were absolutely stunning. We took tons of pictures and enjoyed the beauty that is Paris. The ice cream and crepes were delicious as well.

Saturday most of the group went to Reims to see the wine cellars and taste champagne. Five of us took the metro and headed up to Montmartre. We went inside Sacre Couer – the beautiful basilica on top of the hill – and also explored the rest of the area. We had some great croque monsieurs (ham and cheese sandwiches) and crepes. While one friend saw the Dali museum, the rest of us walked through a local festival with lots of wine, cheese and fruit. We stopped by the Moulin Rouge for the touristy picture but headed out soon after.

Today I went to church with three other students to the American Church of Paris. It was a nice service, and we’re looking forward to trying the contemporary service in a couple weeks. Afterward we grabbed some sandwiches and headed to Shakespeare & Co – the famous bookstore across from Notre Dame where people like Ernest Hemingway spent time. We wandered around and purchased a few too many books before we worked our way to a cafe on Rue St. Michel. We enjoyed some people-watching while doing our weekend homework for Dr. Wellman’s class.

It’s been a lot of fun getting to know people in our own group as well as other groups staying at the FIAP – including from Boston College, LSU and Virginia Tech. Tomorrow we are spending the whole day in the Louvre with Dr. Freidel learning about Mesopotamia, Persia and Anatolia.