I feel like Monday was forever ago! We spent the afternoon in the Louvre again, exploring Greek and Roman art this time. I realized Monday that there is a lot of ancient history I don’t know enough about, including Athena, Aphrodite and Hermaphroditus. I’m grateful I learned a bit about them, and it has peaked my interest to search more and find out more information about them.

After class Monday, three other students and I went to the Musee L’Orangerie in the Tuileries Gardens. After we waited in line for a few minutes, I found out from the security guard that we get free admission because we are art history students. We bypassed the line and delved into the work of Monet and many others. I was fascinated with the way Monet’s paintings encircle the room. His lily paintings are truly a beautiful piece of work.

My absolute favorite painting was Argenteuil (see photo!). It reminds me of a sailing program I did in the Caribbean in high school – waking up early to prepare the boat for the day’s sail. We got to see work from Renoir, Picasso, Sautine, and others.

Monday night we had some form of a British invasion at the FIAP … Lots of middle schoolers running around screaming!!! It was a bit hectic and frustrating while we were all working on our papers, so once we were finished we escaped and spent time in the lobby – watching some soccer, playing games, and just spending time with each other. It was fun and somewhat helpful to take our minds off the little rascals.

For lunch on Tuesday a few of us went to Le Select. I really enjoyed the atmosphere (more than the food!) The waiter was helpful and corrected our French when we made small mistakes, and I loved learning how historical it was, popular with people like Ernest Hemingway.

Class with Dr. Freidel Tuesday afternoon was really enlightening and engaging. We discussed politics – both English and French – as well as other topics of our choosing. Dr. Freidel brings some great ideas to the table as far as how to discuss politics and argue “appropriately.” It is interesting and difficult at the same time for me to be abroad while so much history is occurring every day at home in the U.S. I am excited to engage in conversation with my peers and teachers as we head into the general election during such a historic year.

DSCN2316-sm.jpgDinner last night was amazing! We went to a French Tex-Mex place called The Studio and got to sit in the beautiful courtyard where we could hear music from the dance studios around us. It felt a bit like Dallas to get a margarita and some beef fajitas. We did have to ask for quite a few refills of chips though! I sat with people I haven’t spent much time with and enjoyed the conversation.

This morning we went to Musee des arts et metiers (arts and sciences). It was really interesting to see some cool inventions like a calculator, vacuum, a glass lion, and a supercomputer. I was hoping it would be somewhat like the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia with lots of hands-on activities, but it was sadly not the case! We definitely enjoyed it, and I probably wouldn’t have gone to it had I not been in class.

We’re headed to the Loire Valley early Friday morning and we can’t wait to see all the castles and another part of the country!