An update from Bryan, site leader and senior engineering major:

Well, I didn’t get to write as much as I liked, mainly because the computer lab was too far to walk and I was usually exhausted from the day’s work. But, in the end, I had the best spring break possible!

It was completely amazing – from building the houses, hearing the stories of the families that will move into the houses, the relationships I made with students and faculty, and even the 12-hour car rides, this ASB trip was a huge success in my eyes. I enjoyed it so much, I have decided to postpone a trip to Israel so I can work at the
SMU-in-Taos campus over the summer as a resident assistant, and this is after I have graduated!

This trip confirms my love for SMU and all of the opportunities it provides the students. I have known for a while now that I am going to stay involved with the SMU community after graduation; this trip just justifies my reasoning behind my future involvement.

If you have ever thought about going on an ASB trip, don’t even hesitate: apply and take the chance, because you will miss an opportunity of a lifetime if you don’t.