Time flies, especially when you are having a blast every breathing second!

Unfortunately, the summer is almost over and I will be leaving California to resume classes Monday. I knew the day would come, but this summer has been the best one of my life, so I can’t complain.

I had the chance to do two more races in July, one on the 28th and the other the 29th – yup, back-to-back, baby!

They were both in Solana Beach, which was awesome as I got to ride my bike to the race for a good little warmup.

The first was the Irongirl 10k. I had never done an open 10k so really just wanted to go out and see what I could pull. I was happy to clock in a 40:45. The following day was a sprint triathlon. Amazingly, my legs felt incredible, as if the 10k had never happened. I took 1st overall female and had a solid 19:07 run split.

After those two races, Ironman training continued and has been going great so far! It is truly an honor to push your body toward the incredible goal of finishing an Ironman.

It will be challenging to manage this along with school, but thankfully I chose to take 12 hours this semester, so it should be pretty manageable.

I look forward to seeing all my friends in the coming days!! Enjoy the last few moments of summer!!!!!!!!! I know I will 🙂