I have had some great memories in London as I am getting ready for my time here to be over! I finished my internship at the Green Belt Movement on Thursday and actually fly to Greece on Tuesday morning.

In Northern Greece, we will be researching alongside the Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer in their facility in Thessaloniki. We will be doing in-depth interviews with participants about barriers and perceptions of breast cancer and breast cancer screening. It will be an amazing experience – not to mention that we get to take part of the beaches, food and lifestyle of Greece!!

After that, I fly home for some rest and much needed time with the people that I love – before jetting back to Paris for the fall! What an experience!

Well as for London- s18801555_31881832_3798.jpg

We have been finishing our time by seeing a lot of markets and museums… and resting as much a possible! Thursday afternoon I took a train to Salisbury, about an hour and a half away, to see the Salisbury Cathedral and Stonehenge! We toured the cathedral that night, then again slept above a pub (like Scotland) – I’m not sure what SMU is thinking – and then up at the great hour of 4 am to experience Stonehenge at sunrise … a very early sunrise!


Unfortunately, if you are following the weather over here in the UK, you would know that London is flooding with these summer rains – and Salisbury was no exception! There were SHEETS of cold rain sweeping over the drenched grass as we all wobbled out of the car at 4:15 on a fabulous Friday morning.

We had the rare ability to walk into the circle and touch the stones and take pictures! It was quite a sight … seeing 20 college students running around, slipping, skipping, and chasing sheep around these massive stones – all in order to keep their frozen bones warm!!

Other than that, this week we have been to Kensington Palace, Camden Market, the London Eye, every museum known to man – thanks to an overexcited little brother, as well as the National Gallery, Westminster Abbey, the British Museum, and the British Library … plus far too many restaurants and shops than any of us can remember!
London has been a great experience; I look back and really appreciate my time here so much. I have learned more than I could have imagined from the experiences and places that I have been put into. Working in a global office is just a fascinating experience in itself. But having the ability to work hands-on alongside them is even more amazing.


While I look forward to Greece, I will always remember my time in London and fondly cherish what I learned here. It is more than unique to have this opportunity as a college student, and I am forever grateful to SMU for this chance to learn outside of the classroom.

There is nothing that better sums up the last month of life than just incredible. I am so blessed to be here today, and I cherish my opportunities that I have had and the ones to come in the future.