Finally! I found a Brazilian! If there are any Brazilians in a 2 mile radius from me, I will find them. This phenomenon is much like that of the Pacific Salmon, which somehow find their way back to the fresh water stream where they were born after spending years swimming in the ocean. Anyway, I saw the bronzed, chiseled guy from a distance and decided he looked like he would be capable of correctly applying sunscreen on my back. After he saw my Havaianas (Brazilian flip-flops) and we established that he was Brazilian and I lived there for 8 months, I gushed for about 30 minutes over all things Brazilian. I told him I had to meet my Aussie friends on the next beach over, but he should DEFINITELY meet up with us later!!!!! Maybe we could get a game of futevolei (Brazilian soccer-volleyball) going? Legal? Tudo bem? Tudo beleza, indeed.

What a way to spend a day–soaking up the sun, knocking back a few beers, shootin’ the breeze–with a Brazilian, a Kiwi and a couple of Aussies, and taking intermittent body surfing breaks (from our beach soccer games) in the Arabian Sea. It doesn’t get much better than this, my friends.

By the way, the Brazilian didn’t think I was too weird/enthusiastic about his country. Sometimes my zeal can be overbearing–even downright abrasive at times. Did I mention that I love Brazil?