Training Plan for Phase 1 Roll Out

Stable introduces a number of tools to support various processes. In order for the implementation to be successful, all of the technicians and managers must adjust to the new software and learn the various steps required for each different support type.  Phase 1 focuses primarily on Facilities staff.  However, the future phases will include individuals from all over campus.  With that in mind, we have developed several different training options for individuals to become acquainted with the software.

  • In-Person Training:  During the month of June, we will host a series of in-person training sessions based on certain processes.  Several of these will be hands-on courses.  Others will be presentations followed by sample assignments in our test environment.
  • On-Demand Videos:  We’ve also recorded short, on-demand videos for each of the modules.  These appear alongside the step-by-step instruction and can be helpful as a refresher course or to assist with onboarding new staff.
  • Wiki documentation: We have populated a wiki site with step-by-step instructions as well as embedded videos.  Using the wiki instead of formal documentation allows us to quickly update and modify the instructions as needed.
  • Quick Guides: We will also provide several quick start guides to serve as a general reminder of the tasks for each module.

We will follow this same procedure for phase 2 and phase 3 deliverables to ensure staff are ready to respond to requests as we go live.  Links to all of the documentation and training resources will be available from the service page.  This page will be published in time for go-live and will provide access to the software, reports and supporting documentation for STABLE.

Finally, during each Go Live phase, we will have dedicated support staff to answer questions and assist.  For Phase 1, we will have staff temporarily located in Dawson to help support the facilities staff with the new software.  The official go-live date has been set for June 21, 2021!