Key Management

Physical security is a critical component of any campus.  Ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to particular spaces is slightly easier when all access is controlled electronically.  However, our campus is a combination of electronic access and  physical keys  which presents an entirely different challenge.  Key Management includes many different aspects:

  1. Tracking the configuration of both the door lock and the key cut to ensure that a specific combination is tied only to the desired locations.
  2. Producing the right key for a location when requested
  3. Tracking the assignment of keys and ensuring that keys are returned when someone leaves the university
  4. Responding when keys are lost or stolen to ensure spaces are secured by new lock and key

With the implementation of STABLE, we will change from a combination of paper and electronic processes currently used to manage these tasks to a fully integrated electronic solution.  In STABLE we will go beyond just the key request and fulfillment process to providing more accurate reporting of who has access to physical spaces and to whom keys are assigned.  Of course, not all of the tracking relies on our Facilities key shop!  Often keys are returned to a supervisor and then redistributed to the next employee or stashed in a drawer for the future.  Now there will be mechanisms in place to work with the supervisors to ensure we have better tracking and assignment of these keys to protect our spaces.

As always, if you have a pile of unused SMU keys hidden away in a drawer, we encourage you to drop those off in Dawson!

The Key Management processes are scheduled to be implemented by June 1, 2021.