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Jesús Raúl Navarro García (left) and José Hernández Palomo (right)


José Hernández Palomo offers his appreciation of both La Habana Elegante and its last dossier

For the first time ever, a newly released issue of La Habana Elegante will be presented internationally at an academic conference. The event will take place at the Escuela de Estudios Hispano-Americanos, in Seville, on September 27, 2013, 20.00h.

Professor José Buscaglia, from the University of Buffalo at Buffalo, is the editor of the dossier which will be presented at the conference. The dossier is the center of every issue of the journal. For this dossier, Prof. Buscaglia gathered contributions by some of the most prestigious scholars in the field, such as Carlos Venegas (Cuba) and Consuelo Naranjo Orovio (Spain). This is an interdisciplinary approach to the colonial Caribbean which features articles by scholars from Cuba, United States, Colombia and Puerto Rico.

La Habana Elegante is already an internationally well known academic and creative journal, and it is listed in the MLA International Bibliography. Nonetheless, its presentation at an international conference is a milestone its ever growing visibility, and in the visibility of our Department of World Languages and Literatures at SMU that partially supports it.

As pictures from the presentation come, I will make them available for all my colleagues and students alike. Thanks for the support we have received from our Department. We will continue doing our best to deserve it.

Professor Francisco Morán,
Associate Professor of Spanish at SMU
Editor in Chief,

Invitation for La Habana Elegante in Seville

Invitation for La Habana Elegante in Seville

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