Celebrate Dark Matter Day with a Virtual Dark Matter Particle Hunt!

October 31 has been designated as international “Dark Matter Day” (https://www.darkmatterday.com/) to help raised engagement and awareness about the search for the nature of dark matter. The Society of Physics Students at SMU is organizing a “Virtual Dark Matter Particle Hunt” for October 31, 2020, from 8am-5pm (US Central Time).

During those hours, you can join in the hunt for what makes up dark matter. Just visit the main website of the SMU Department of Physics, https://www.physics.smu.edu, and click around the site, being on the lookout for dark matter particles embedded in the web pages! You will know them when you see them … we hope!

Students, faculty, staff, and members of the SMU community are encouraged to participate in searching for Dark Matter and learn about the importance of Dark Matter to our universe. Each dark matter particle will be uniquely labeled and accompanied by a curious fact about dark matter, based on what is known so far. Currently enrolled students who find one of the Dark Matter particles will be eligible to win a virtual $10 Amazon Gift Card. A prize goes to the first currently enrolled student who enters the unique code for that dark matter particle on an accompanying Google Form (a link to the form will be available from each of the dark matter particles on the website). If a dark matter particle is listed on the Google Form as “already found,” record anyway that you found it – the people who found it before you may not have been currently enrolled students!

There is a limit of 1 gift card per currently enrolled student. Feed your curiosity on October 31 about the unseen universe – and maybe win a prize in the process!

One of the many logos provided by the international Dark Matter Day website!