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Managing Others Who Coordinate or Host Camps for Minors at SMU

SMU seeks to provide a healthy environment for all who interact with the University whether they are students, employees, parents, or visitors.  For those who interact with minors, this is especially important as Texas state law and SMU Policy outline specific requirements for training and reporting abuse when it is known or suspected.

Do you know that according to Texas state law, it is everyone’s responsibility to report known or suspected abuse of a minor?

Are you aware of SMU Policy with regard to state mandated training and state reporting requirements?

Does your team understand their role and responsibility in ensuring a safe environment for minors participating in events on campus?

Are you following SMU practice for camps and events involving minors?

should have regular conversations with Camp Operators and Program Coordinators to check for understanding and awareness around the following role responsibilities and then follow up to ensure all requirements have been fulfilled.

Camp Operators: 
those who supervisor or host a camp for minors utilizing SMU facilities:

  1. camp operatorensure that their own training is up to date
  2. manage the training completion process with all employees, volunteers and any others working with minors during the camp time frame
  3. follow Texas state guidelines in submitting all required state forms
  4. provide a copy of the state form to the SMU Program Coordinator.

Program Coordinators: those who coordinate with Camp Operators whether or not they are utilizing SMU facilities:

  1. program coordinatorsensure that their own training is up to date
  2. keep accurate and complete camp records
  3. communicate with Camp Operators regarding SMU training requirements and their responsibility to submit the state form
  4. require a copy of the state reporting form from the Camp Operator for SMU camp records and keep these records for a minimum                                           of seven years.In addition.
    Program Coordinators may be asked to coordinate the enrollment of non-SMU employees in the DCAC on-line training when the camp operator is unable to obtain or afford the training for their employees.  Please view the Program’s webpage or email DevelopU@smu.edu.

Learn more on the Program for Protection of Minors webpage.

Read SMU Policy 9.31:  Duty to Report Suspected Child Abuse  and Mandatory Training and Examination Program for Employees of Campus Programs for  Minors on Warning Signs of Sexual Abuse and Child Molestation.

Questions regarding who should complete the state mandated training and other compliance questions should be directed to the Office of Risk Management at riskmanagement@smu.edu

Questions regarding training enrollment for SMU employees as well as non-SMU employees and training completion should be directed to SMU HR at DevelopU@smu.edu