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Spring 2020

Reaching for a stronger future

A rare, polio-like condition left Braden Scott paralyzed. Now a team led by Edmond Richer, professor of mechanical engineering in SMU’s Lyle School of Engineering, has developed a robotic arm aiding his recovery.

February 6, 2020|

Hacking the health crisis

Hubert Zajicek, M.B.A. ’06, a physician and founder and CEO of the Health Wildcatters incubator in Dallas, helped create the Health Hacking Crisis Network to find quick solutions to problems like the face-mask shortage among healthcare workers.

May 29, 2020|

Occasional rivals, but Mustangs forever

When the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs met in Super Bowl LIV on February 2, SMU was represented by 49ers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders ’09 and Clark Hunt ’87, part owner, chairman and CEO of the Chiefs.

February 2, 2020|

Leading the charge for positive change

Politics doesn’t have to be polarizing, says SMU Student Body President Darian Taylor. “The pendulum will move back toward a climate of cooperation, and my generation is the one that will swing it that way.”

February 2, 2020|

Cooking up something good

Each of SMU’s 11 Residential Commons has its own color, motto, cheers and traditions. But one simple and deliberate activity has proved most successful in building community – gathering together to prepare and enjoy food. Now our Faculty in Residence and students are keeping Sunday Night Snacks and other traditions going via Zoom and social channels.

May 12, 2020|

A witness to history

Roving reporter Garrett Haake ’07 lives by the advice he learned from an SMU faculty mentor – stay packed, and don’t make any dinner plans that can’t be canceled.

December 3, 2020|

First in her family, finding her place

SMU senior Kaitlyn Contreras ’20 is a first-generation honor roll student attending the University on a full scholarship and majoring in health and society. She admits it hasn’t always been easy, but she has never shied away from hard work and big challenges. Now, with the support of her family, faculty mentors and a close-knit student community, she’s ready for her most ambitious project yet – applying to medical school.

January 27, 2020|

A full-court press against hunger

It’s been a perfect season so far for men’s basketball, with the Mustangs beating Dayton 66–64 December 5. The team is also doing its part to defeat hunger during the holidays by collecting food donations on campus for the North Texas Food Bank through December 18.

December 3, 2020|

Plant-based drug could stem the spread of HTLV-1 virus

Thanks to SMU scientists, there’s hope on the horizon for the estimated 10–15 million people infected with the HTLV-1 virus, a “cousin” to HIV. While there is no cure or treatment, the new research suggests that the drug oleandrin could prevent the HTLV-1 virus from spreading.

January 4, 2020|

Changing course to fight COVID-19

In just 48 hours, Lucy and Andy Rieger ’09 pivoted J. Rieger & Co. – their family distillery in Kansas City, Missouri – from producing whiskey to making hand sanitizer for hospitals, nursing homes and the community.

May 12, 2020|

Necessity is the mother of reinvention

For the Odee Company, co-owned by Steve and Sarah Lodwick Holland ’80, the ability to adapt to shifting demands has kept the business going since 1923. Now the printer is churning out hospital gowns for frontline health workers.

May 12, 2020|

A candid conversation with Spike Lee

Spike Lee’s movies have redefined how we look at Black culture in America. In an interview with Ace Anderson ’13, he shared his thoughts on a wide range of topics. Read some of our favorite moments.

October 29, 2020|

Rising to the challenge

SMU has met the challenges introduced by COVID-19 with innovation, creativity and resilience. In the midst of the pandemic, here are some of the ways that SMU has continued to be Mustang Strong.

December 15, 2020|

Learning to put politics aside

Since appearing in the acclaimed documentary Boys State, sophomore Ben Feinstein ’24 has backed away from the idea of a political career and now aspires to serve his country “in a neutral role.”

October 28, 2020|

Engineering a drone zone

SMU engineering students and faculty have created an innovative drone research lab to work on communications issues that can open up the life-saving potential of drone swarms.

March 6, 2020|

Carolyn and David B. Miller ’72, ’73 make $50 million commitment to SMU and the Cox School of Business

When former Mustang basketball standout David B. Miller ’72, ’73 and his wife, Carolyn, made the largest single alumni gift in SMU history, the Hilltop milestone made headlines in Dallas. Longtime business columnist Cheryl Hall ’73, who earned her journalism degree from the University, wrote about the publicity-shy couple for The Dallas Morning News. In this excerpt of the newspaper profile, their generous spirit and their love for family, community and SMU shine through. BY CHERYL HALL ’73 How does a guy who went to Southern Methodist University on a basketball scholarship strike it so [...]

October 23, 2020|

Pastor Richie Butler ’93 creates opportunities for crucial conversations about race

Pastor Richie Butler ’93 remembers a particularly heated discussion during a town hall shortly after a white police officer shot and killed Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, on a street in Ferguson, Missouri, on Aug. 9, 2014. The conversation grew fiery among the many members of the community in attendance to speak with the leadership of the Dallas Police Department, the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office and the Dallas County Sheriff’'s Office. “I noticed every negative emotion and energy – division, anger, mistrust, frustration, hate,” and many in attendance felt that justice would not [...]

October 22, 2020|

Speaking up for change

In the wake of nationwide protests, Black SMU alumni share their stories and call for meaningful action to address issues of inequity and bias.

December 15, 2020|

Ashlee Hunt Kleinert ’88 shines a light on the tough topic of sex trafficking

A young woman carrying a backpack walked into the Fairmont Dallas bar, sat next to Ashlee Hunt Kleinert ’88 and her husband, Chris ’88, and ordered a glass of water. In her cutoff overalls and tank top, she stood out in the crowd of suits and cocktail attire. The Kleinerts, who were at the downtown hotel for a social event, thought she looked too young to sit at the bar. They guessed she was about 17 or 18. More conspicuous, though, was the young woman’s trembling discomfort. “She was constantly looking over her shoulder, scanning [...]

October 20, 2020|

Fueling the future of business

A $15 million gift from Gina L. and Tucker S. Bridwell ’73, ’74 to SMU’s Cox School of Business will generate transformational economic research and cutting-edge business education for generations to come.

October 11, 2020|

Happy 20th to Gerald J. Ford Stadium!

Perhaps now more than ever we appreciate Gerald J. Ford Stadium, the home of SMU football for two decades. The Hilltop landmark brings together the campus and Dallas communities in solidarity to cheer on the Mustangs.

September 29, 2020|

Spring 2020

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SMU Magazine

SMU Magazine is updated monthly on this website and the print edition is published each spring and fall.

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