Sharon K. Snowton ’98

October 5, 2016

Sharon K. Snowton, a bilingual-ESL teacher in the Cedar Hill, Texas, school district, has been nominated for a national 2017 LifeChanger of the Year Award for her work in bilingual education. The award recognizes K-12 educators across the nation who make a positive difference in their students’ lives.

Sharon will share her insights and experiences at upcoming state and national conferences. She will be a presenter at the Texas Association for Bilingual Education conference in Galveston, Texas, on October 20, and next year she will make two presentations at the National Association of Bilingual Educators conference in Dallas.

“When I got in the field of education I wanted to be the best bilingual teacher I could be,” Sharon says. “SMU and Dr. William Pulte allowed me to fulfill that goal. I consider myself very blessed as I have been touched by so many lives and have been given the opportunity to touch the lives of others.”