Michael Waters ’02, ’06, ’12

December 20, 2017

Michael Waters ’02, ’06, ’12, author of Stakes Is HighMichael Waters, pastor, activist, civic leader and author has published Stakes Is High: Race, Faith, and Hope for America (Chalice Press, 2017). Waters, a nationally recognized social commentator and Huffington Post contributor, blends hip-hop lyricism with thought-provoking insights as he meditates on police violence, racism and the power of faith in the struggle for racial justice.

The book, featured in Publishers Weekly, Sojourners magazine, Faith & Leadership and other media, has garnered praise from academic, religious and social justice leaders throughout the country. Among the accolades:

“Through raw emotion and critical analysis, Stakes Is High grapples with the race matters plaguing America. Shifting us away from sound bites, Waters takes us on a journey that is deeply historical, theological, cultural and personal. In the end, we are challenged to view the complexities of the black experience in ways that are both familiar and fresh.”
Rahiel Tesfamariam, founder/publish, Urban Cusp

“In Stakes Is High Dr. Waters shares some of his most thought-provoking writings on race relations in the United States. Part theology/part commentary this book has a wide reach and relevance from seminaries to academic classrooms to book clubs. Dr. Waters will challenge you, inspire you, and make you question your own thoughts about the state of the nation.”
– John Thomas III, editor, The Christian Recorder and general officer, the African Methodist Episcopal Church

“I appreciate the way Waters challenges us to consider the question ‘How often must we drink from this bitter well of racism in America?’ His use of historical narratives juxtaposed with contemporary illustrations gives the reader a sense of this long arc of injustice. Waters mixes the names of familiar and lesser known people who have found themselves on the underside of this arc, and challenges us to think critically and creatively about next steps toward liberty and justice for all.”
– Leah Gunning Francis, Dean of Faculty, Christian Theological Seminary, and author, Ferguson and Faith

The book is available from Amazon. Read more about Waters and the book and download the free study guide at michaelwwaters.com.