Alicia Booker ’05, ’13

July 19, 2016

AliciaBookerClassNotesAlicia Booker, a Ph.D. candidate at Nova Southeastern University (NSU), was selected to receive the James O. Elmore Scholarship for her role as research assistant on the Administrative Conference of the United States research project “Ombudsman in Federal Agencies: Programs and Practices” and the International Ombudsman Association Remuneration Surveys.

Her dissertation and research focus on the study of conflict analysis in corporate and academic settings. Alicia has a passion for research and is pursuing a qualitative research graduate certificate at NSU as well. Her primary interest is in the advancement of the organizational and academic ombudsman.

Alicia earned her bachelor of arts in journalism and master of arts in dispute resolution from SMU. She also received graduate certificates in conflict coaching, executive coaching and advanced training on workplace collaboration in conflict management.