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Following a missing link from Siberia to the Southwest

Ancient children’s teeth and adult remains found in Siberia yielded a huge archaeological discovery for a team of international researchers that includes SMU anthropologist David Meltzer. They uncovered a new Ice Age ethnic group whose DNA reveals a genetic link to Native Americans. 

2019-07-12T08:24:28-05:00 July 4, 2019|

#PonyUpLagos: An unforgettable football experience

Young athletes with the grit, determination and heart of Mustangs made lasting impressions on the SMU football staff when they teamed up with basketball star Ejike Ugboaja’s foundation to teach some gridiron fundamentals to youth in Lagos, Nigeria.

2019-07-12T08:24:47-05:00 July 4, 2019|

Weighing shareholder democracy’s benefits and costs

Firms with strong corporate governance are like democracies, according Nickolay Gantche. Research by the finance professor shows that through their proposals and votes, shareholders can determine the broad direction of a company.

2019-07-12T08:25:13-05:00 July 4, 2019|

Ian Derrer: A singer’s journey to CEO

Ian Derrer ’96 remembers fetching coffee and chauffeuring visiting talent as a vocal performance student with an internship at The Dallas Opera. Now, as general director and chief executive officer, his responsibilities include overseeing the company’s fiscal health and steering its artistic direction.

2019-07-12T08:25:33-05:00 July 4, 2019|

Bringing scholars, artists and communities together

Perkins’ Center for the Study of Latino/a Christianity and Religions, in collaboration with Meadows School of the Arts, will present “The Art of Resilience: Latinx Public Witness in Troubled Times,” an experiential event on September 21–22. The event is free and open to the public.

2019-07-12T08:25:52-05:00 July 4, 2019|

Cox honors industry veterans and rising stars

Business leaders, SMU swimming supporters and longtime friends Steven J. Lindley ’74 and Bruce Robson ’74 received Cox Distinguished Alumni Awards, and Courtney Caldwell ’00 and Ryan Dalton ’01 were honored as Outstanding Young Alumni on May 10.

2019-06-06T09:15:37-05:00 June 6, 2019|

Life’s hat trick is junior Thomas Hodge’s specialty

Thomas Hodges ’20 is a full-time student majoring in journalism with a sport management minor. He stays close to his family to help his mom, who is battling cancer. And he has a rigorous practice schedule as the emergency goalie for the Dallas Stars professional ice hockey team.

2019-06-06T08:49:41-05:00 June 6, 2019|

Leveling up cancer research with a video game

Fans streaming a recent video game tournament that raised funds for kids with cancer had a chance to help SMU researchers by playing Omega Cluster, an interactive game designed to pinpoint promising compounds to add to the chemotherapy arsenal.

2019-06-06T08:40:45-05:00 June 6, 2019|

Fusing art and engineering into a multidimensional education

Senior Meredith Burke ’19, ’20 is a third-generation Mustang who thrives on taking on challenges like juggling a hectic academic and extracurricular schedule. She is triple-majoring to earn bachelor’s degrees in mechanical engineering (ME), art and math and working toward her master’s degree in ME.

2019-07-03T08:18:28-05:00 May 8, 2019|
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SMU Magazine

SMU Magazine is updated monthly on this website and the print edition is published each spring and fall.

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